John Glick

Ah, year number 50 as a potter! What a wonderful adventure it has been and still is!
I owe a debt of gratitude to all who have made this friends,teachers, supportive clients and above all my wonderful wife Susie Symons.
Now the new phase where I have stopped making new work as of 2014!!
We have had our final Open House event on Oct 17, 2015 and we now have a more modest selection of work to be seen and purchased.
So...follow me HERE on Sales Gallery and from time to time pots that are coming back from my retrospective exhibit ( later in 2016 or beyond may be seen here. ånd, from time to time I seem to cull from our personal wares to be sure we can move into our future home and still "fit" our things into new surroundings!
The basic message...."STAY TUNED"
New surprises will appear when possible.
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